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Sixth annual award presented

This summer saw the 6th annual Matt Carapiet Award for Humanitarian Architecture presented at the University of Nottingham.

The winner this year was Ana Franchini for her project on a Domestic Violence Refuge and Rehabilitation Centre for Women in Nottingham, offering support and accommodation for women and their children who have left their abusers.

Anna's design for the Domestic Violence Refuge and Rehabilitation Centre for Women in Nottingham

The design proposal explores how the physical environment can help women and children ease stress during their journey to overcome domestic abuse through spatial arrangements, lighting design, and other considerations that protect and reduce individual stress levels.

A truly deserving project. Ana says “I firmly believe in inclusive design processes where end-users can participate in the design’s conceptual stage rather than solely reacting to designers’ plans. I aim to nurture this belief in the next steps of my career, knowing that they are part of who I am as an individual wishing to see changes and working for the built environment to have more inclusive and equal spaces.”

Congratulations Ana, on a great piece of work addressing a truly humanitarian issue.

Ana proudly holding her award


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