Matt's story

Aged 23, Matt Carapiet set off on an incredible adventure to explore the world.

During his travels he visited Langtang, a remote village in Nepal. On Saturday April 25, Matt was in Langtang Village when an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale was recorded in the Gorkha region, west of Kathmandu. 

Matt was a prodigious architecture graduate, who dreamed of using his talent to help poor communities. He told his friends and family that buildings were not trophies, they were places for shelter, warmth and safety. He was a gifted musician who played saxophone in jazz bands and a host of other instruments for pleasure. He was a versatile painter who decorated his familys' homes with delicate landscapes and moving portraits. In a short life, he left behind many gifts for his family to treasure.


Photo gallery

A selection of photos of Matt from his travels


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