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How your donations are supporting the Langtang Medical Centre

We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for all your support. We have just transferred funds to the Langtang medical centre. We are paying the nurse's salary starting from this month for the next year. We have been told the medical centre would not be open without our help - that means it is all your help supporting and fundraising on our behalf. Being able to keep the medical centre open is very important to us, so we are so very grateful to all of you.

On that note a huge thank you to Nimmi and Pammi who raised over £1500 with their recent sponsored walk along the Camino Frances to Santiago. Their fundraising is being used towards this support of the Langtang medical centre.

Recently, Matt's dad (Greg) gave a presentation to his office colleagues at Jacobs to highlight the charity and our work. The company plan to organise some fundraising events for us over the coming year which will fund a social enterprise scheme creating a coffee/healthfood stall in Cambodia, with the profits going to the SHCC school we are continuing to support.

Shortly after Greg's presentation, one his colleagues donated a very generous £1,000 to the charity. We intend to use this money to sponsor two students at SHCC. These two brothers were made orphans last year when their mother sadly passed away. Giving them a future is something so very important and our thanks to Greg's colleague for allowing us to do so.

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